4G mobile phone jammer is a separate shielding product

After 8 o’clock in the morning, when the police prevented them from checking them on the way to Sabarimala, they saw many followers protesting and shouting slogans. Sabarimala: On Monday, the Kerala police installed a mobile jammer near the Sabarimala Temple to prevent Tantri and other god officials from interacting with the media and discouraging their live images. The move was carried out before the start of the day’s pilgrimage, when the national police team dispatched about 2,300 workers to provide security services for the temple. The pilgrimage started at 5 pm on Monday and ended at 10 pm on Tuesday. In these incidents, mobile connectivity is essential to commit other crimes. In addition, there are many examples of the civilian help of GM20 GSM jammers by people with different financial and social status and professionals. However, it is clear that the most useful use of this blocking tool is in the risk of aggressive or disappointed people working together, and in this difficult situation, the global mobile communication system will be disrupted. The GM20 military GSM jammer is the best tool to avoid terrorist activities and other dangerous incidents. In these incidents, mobile connections are essential to commit other crimes.

In the current market, mobile cell phone jammer products are called: mobile phone signal jammers, mobile phone jammers, jammers, mobile phone protection devices. In fact, these are the same products with the same functions, namely: a single electronic device, basically any electronic device All can work on multiple communication frequency bands, including GSM, DCS, CDMA, WIFI, 4G PHS and even 3G. The shielding system in smart phones, smart phone protection systems, alarm systems, mobile phones, in fact, these are basically headings and marketing: there are some so-called OEM manufacturers or manufacturers’ original equipment manufacturers’ advertising practices are as follows , The product type or product name deliberately picked something on the original product representative to make users feel that they are a new idea, or that the product has many improvements, such as the so-called “We continue to believe: 4G mobile phone jammer is a separate The shielding products cannot be called a protection system, but can be called a protection system, which can centrally control the use of various shielding products, and can integrate and provide a highly centralized shielding control product forming system.

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