WiFi jammer to protect internet information

Most students lack social experience and are ignorant, so scammers use student information disclosure to defraud. Therefore, many young students were betrayed. Not long ago, a student died due to fraud and illness. From this, we see the importance of information protection. Information is too easy to leak on the Internet, so in some cases, we may need bluetooth jammers to protect information. For the elderly, many scammers use their care for children and their unfamiliarity with modern technology to deceive them. Scammers will trick the elderly into going to the bank and transferring money over the phone. The Bank of Tokyo has begun manufacturing cell phone jammers to be installed at strategic ATM locations in the area to reduce the spread of mobile fraud caused by the elderly. This is to answer the goal of liars targeting the elderly, asking them to go to the bank and pick up a child in need from the ATM while you are online, and deceive the elderly over the phone. These devices are called low-power devices and only cover an area of ​​about 2 meters.

In fact, this may be a company we already know, especially because I’m already talking about a certain technology. For example, in the second half of last year, Apple applied for a patent for a new technology that can easily disable the iPhone’s camera using an infrared sensor for the camera. It was developed to prevent movie piracy. However, even ordinary people can use this equipment in advance. Todd Morris, founder and managing director of the surveillance and surveillance company BrickHouse Security, said there are some early technologies to protect people from deliberate recordings. For example, any woman can use a wireless camera detector in the dressing room to find out if there is a hidden camera on their clothes. Yes, this does happen a lot. However, because changing rooms or business offices are completely different from crowded public places, there are some restrictions. For example, if you use an Apple device with the camera disabled, you will definitely imagine many scenes or take pictures, which annoys many people. For GSM jammers, this is also the case in some cases, but the situation may vary from place to place (for example, movie theaters must be equipped with such equipment to make the visitor’s experience uninterrupted and get a better experience)

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