GPS jammers were originally created by government military organizations and spy agencies

They focus on the problem and can take different forms at the implementation level. “Users may be for educational purposes and urgent needs, but in principle, phone use should be restricted. He added that several middle schools have successfully implemented the ban. Specific actions are still waiting, but he said that mobile jammers can be used. Brown emphasized that in addition to the school rule framework, the telephone ban is “a public health information that is good for families” and also good for children. He warned parents not to keep their children in contact for a long time, especially before the age of seven. That was Macron’s presidential campaign Commitment to the activity.

GPS signals are radio signals with specific frequencies. GPS actually has two main frequencies, one is mainly used for public non-military frequencies (1575.42 MHz), and the other is used for US military frequencies (1227.6 MHz). Since GPS is only a weak radio wave, the use of GPS jammers will interfere or distort these waves. GPS Jammers were originally created by governments, military organizations and spy agencies. Its uses include confusing the enemy at the exact location, or making the enemy’s GPS missiles or bombs fall.

Now, civilians have been looking for these devices to protect their privacy in the ever-expanding world of GPS tracking. There are several civilian uses for shielding GPS signals that are primarily related to privacy, including the ability to hide yourself or your vehicle while being tracked by a GPS receiver. One convenient use is for salespeople or drivers, who might want to go out to eat, eat lunch outside their territory or go home to pick up things without having to do a lot of explanations for GPS tracking on their vehicles. Most civilian GPS jammers are sufficient to cover even the largest vehicles that can protect user privacy.

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