GPS Jammer can change signal transmission at a long distance

According to the Karlsruhe Administrative Court’s ruling, it is usually sufficient to carry a mobile phone with you so that the inspection can be classified as “unsatisfactory.” If the inspection rules provide for such consequences for “unauthorized aids”, they apply anyway. In a specific dispute, a student left his mobile phone in the wallet in the room during the oral exam. However, because the school did not explicitly state the prohibition again before the specific inspection, the subsequent “unsatisfactory” grade was not proportional to the specific situation. The school had to change grades again. If there is a mobile cell phone jammer at this time, you can get the same effect without checking the phone. Before I explain GPS Jammer myself, it’s best to explain how GPS works. GPS stands for Global Positioning System, which is used by individuals, business entities, and the military and is mainly used for navigation purposes. The GPS global positioning system uses many orbiting satellites that emit radio signals. The signal arrives at the GPS receiver to determine the position through triangulation. GPS can be found in separate handheld devices and cell phones, vehicle navigation and positioning systems, and small GPS tracking devices. The position can be found by triangulation, which is a way of measuring three individual points to calculate the position. In the vehicle’s navigation system, the position of the vehicle is measured by three satellites. With the help of triangulation, GPS can send positioning information to the receiver only in inches.

The new prison minister, Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa, drew up a plan for the reform of the prison department to install 5G jammers, full-body scanners and other sniffer dogs outside the prison. The minister, who has first-hand phone threat experience in prison, said in a congratulatory call to an inmate at a press conference on Tuesday: “5G jammers will soon appear in the state’s central prison. The proposal has been sent to Ministry of the Interior.” “Now we only have jammers for 2G and 3G signals. If we put a huge effort into installing 4G jammers today, then 5G will be outdated when it comes in. Therefore, we are trying to install 5G jammers,” Randhawa is in prison Officials said after the meeting. By the way, the government talked about the installation of 4G jammers in the official press release that night. “We have three detective dogs in the prison area. The minister added that we plan to add seven more facilities to check the use of drugs and mobile phones in the prison complex.

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