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At present, there is almost no obvious trend for lawyers to control the use of mobile phones: for example, the Baden-W├╝rttemberg Ministry of Education believes that it is wise to prohibit the use of mobile phones during breaks. However, as long as individual regulations can be appropriately formulated according to educational requirements, it depends on the school. Special circumstances of formal exams: Mobile phones may be prohibited, and formal exams are usually more stringent. Therefore, students are usually required to put their mobile phones on the teacher’s desk or other places, and the mobile phones they carry can be considered counterfeit. It also depends on personal circumstances and detailed regulations of school and examination regulations and federal school laws. For schools, the “primary evidence” may be sufficient to deceive others. This means that schools can try to deceive students whether their behavior has typical characteristics. If the student disagrees, he must prove that his case is atypical-that is.

cell phone jammer are used in many different situations. In order to find the best solution to meet your requirements, we provide a series of jammers for every possible application. However, there are too many wireless technologies in use today, and we can help you achieve your goals through the best combination of frequency bands to meet your needs. All combinations and adjustments are possible. Just send us your request and we will recommend it to you. We can design a system that suits you. Our production is very flexible and we can accept a large number of orders in a short time without any loss of quality. All our products have undergone aging tests after production, and we only provide 100% functional jammers.

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