Jammer equipment prevents radio transmission

I will hold a very important business meeting in three weeks. This meeting can change my entire business and the way we work. I need to make sure that no one will hear what we are talking about. So, what would you recommend? How do we ensure 100% prevention of eavesdropping?

You know, eavesdropping errors have now become a hot topic on the Internet. The reason for this concealed the fact that wiretapping errors did spread rapidly in the United States. And there are thousands of different types of these errors, which is why it is almost impossible to protect yourself 100%.

In order to plug errors, you should know exactly the frequency or frequency range of the incorrect use. The problem here is that there are millions of errors using different frequencies, and they use a wide frequency band from 900 to 2700 MHz. In order to stop these false signals, you must block the entire frequency band, and this frequency band is used for Wi-Fi, mobile Internet, Bluetooth GPS and mobile phone communication.

Nevertheless, we still provide you with alternative solutions. We recommend that you try to use wireless microphones and camera detectors instead of blocking all wireless communications in the area? Our detector will scan the frequency in your conference hall and show you if there are other cell phone jammer transmitting signals elsewhere. Then you will be able to find and destroy them.

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