The voltage of the signal jammer changes with the power

I want to know if it is possible to replace the lithium-ion battery of my jammer with a more powerful jammer. I hope it works more than 2 hours. I have MONSTRO10. So, which one should I choose?

You may be able to do it, but I have to mention that in this case, Jammer-Store will recall its warranty. But if you use the cell phone jammer for more than a year-you can try it. Just be very careful to avoid interference.

MONSTRO10 is powered by 8.4V 3600mAh lithium ion battery. Use the mAh parameter to describe the working time. The larger its value-the longer the battery life. Therefore, if you want the jammer to work longer, please try to equip it with a larger capacity battery with a capacity of 4000 or 4700 mAh.

You also need to pay attention to one thing, namely the voltage parameter. MONSTRO uses 8.4V batteries, so your new battery must have the same voltage parameters. If you want to change it, your signal jammer will not work and may even be destroyed!

You will find that replacing the battery is very dangerous, so if it is not really necessary, please try to avoid it!

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