Mobile jammer devices turn off the possibility of tracking around you.

I have heard of this tracking method recently, and they said that any mobile phone can be tracked in this way. Is it true, and if so, how to avoid it?

Mobile phones offer many possibilities for tracking. They leaked enough information to track your movement!

Cell phone tower triangulation is a tracking technology based on identifying the three cell phone towers closest to receiving the signal and calculating the time interval between the moments when the signal reaches these towers.

This is how the method works, and any cell phone can be tracked in this way, but because of the high concentration of towers there, triangulation works well in urban areas, while triangulation is not ideal in rural areas . Using the cell phone tower triangulation method, you can get coordinates of 1-4 meters or 3-12 feet.

The technology is so cheap that not only law enforcement agencies use it, but bad guys also use it. I understand your concerns and hope that Jammer-Shop has a solution. The most reliable way to avoid cell tower triangulation tracking is to use a cell phone jammer device, which will shut off all waves around you and eliminate the possibility of tracking.

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