Special signal blocker can block signals across frequency bands

We have also heard of this error, jammer-shop.com has some information on how to do it and how to prevent it from happening again. First of all, you should know that Facebook has updated its Camera app and now it is completely safe. Versions of the application prior to 1.1.2 have this vulnerability exploit function. If you use the application in a public Wi-Fi network, you can perform a hack. These Wi-Fi networks have loopholes. You should know that a simple cell phone jammer may be useless for the Internet access granted to the device. This is because your phone and the device use different frequencies, and the phone uses 850/1900 for text messages and voice calls, 875 MHz is used for 4G LTE, and 2100 is used for 3G. Wi-Max-friendly situations use 2500-2700 MHz, so to stop it, you will need a very special signal blocker. You will need a powerful 4G jammer. It will succeed.

There is a loophole in the SSL authentication protocol of the application, and it also accepts any SSL certificate from any user in the wireless network to which your device is currently connected. Therefore, a simple Wi-Fi attack can be performed. In this case, all the data you enter will be visible to those hackers. The exploit was announced two days ago. As we have already said, there is an application update that can fix the bug, and the bug is already available in the App Store. This is a good device, but the company does not recommend that you save valuable data here. Now I will explain why. Kingston Wi-Drive is mainly developed for iPhone users. The guys at Kingston believe that it is really unfair to have an app store with more than 350,000 apps and only 16, 32 or 64 GB of internal storage. If you have ever used an iPhone, you would agree with me that it is indeed not a lot, and it cannot expand the storage capacity of the internal memory. This is why Wi-Drive is very popular.

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