Small disguised Wi-Fi jammers can disrupt this frequency

There is very little information on how these dummies actually work among the detainees, so we made some assumptions. The easiest way to organize some of these devices into a network and connect them to a central server is to organize them in a Wi-Fi network. If so, then we are lucky, because these Wi-Fi networks are vulnerable to attacks. We should tell you that those wireless networks use the 2.4 GHz frequency to transmit data to each of them. Small disguised bluetooth jammers can disrupt this frequency. But we have detected several problems that may be encountered when using this device at We have already mentioned that it is best to connect the device to the router via a wire, but it can also be connected wirelessly using a simple Wi-Fi connection. This may be the most vulnerable place for the device, because the Wi-Fi network may be hacked. Transporter uses WEP, WPA and WPA2 encryption protocols, and there are many applications for hacking it.

Nowadays, portable data storage devices are very popular. The transmitter is a convenient and very stylish device, perfect for storing all your data. It has 500GB of internal memory, which is very convenient when storing backup or sensitive data. The most unique feature of the carrier is access to sharing options. We should also mention that it creates and stores copies of all files without your involvement. All the data you store there can be shared with people you specify. The device can also be accessed from anywhere on the Internet. When the device is connected to a wired network, it is very safe. It uses the latest encryption protocol and simply prohibits all users who try to connect to the device remotely and are not on the specified list of allowed users. We can say that Transporter combines the advantages of cloud storage with the security of offline storage.

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