Wi-Fi signal jammer tries to block Wi-Fi connection

This is a very worrying question and we spent some time collecting all the information we need to provide the correct answer. First of all, we should tell you that this is true, and now large shopping malls have turned these cameras into fools. They are called EyeSee Manequin. These dummies are used to collect information about customers through facial recognition technology. Collect information about gender, face, and race. They also collect statistics on how many people visit a particular location in the store and many other things. Those rumors you heard seem to be facts. The British government recently approved a plan to equip iconic London taxis with free Wi-Fi hotspots. The plan and technology were developed by Eyetease, and they will start their plan in early 2013. This means that all passengers will get free and fast Wi-Fi Internet access during the taxi ride. The only problem is that you have to watch 15 seconds of ads before you can enjoy 15 minutes of free Wi-Fi.

You should know that shopping mall management is obliged to warn you about these dummies. The developers of these enhanced mannequins said that although these dummies were collecting video and audio information, they did not violate privacy. It will not be stored or transmitted, all data will be processed within the device, and users can only access simple, personalized statistical information. However, these devices are not only capable of collecting video, but also audio information, in other words, the fact that they are eavesdropping on you is really worrying. In this case, we recommend that you use a wired network connection, but if this is not possible, try to block the Wi-Fi connection when an emergency connection is not required. You can use our bluetooth jammers to do this. The whole system is very simple. A 3G/4G compatible Mi-Fi hotspot will be installed in those taxis and devices will share 3G or 4G mobile internet Wi-Fi. This will be very convenient because you can go online without getting bored. But we at Jammer-Shop Inc. may warn you that this can be dangerous. First of all, you should know that those wireless networks can be very fragile. In fact, there are thousands of Wi-Fi hackers here, even if you don’t have special skills and knowledge, wireless networks can be easily cracked, and there are many applications that can crack it. Another point here is that Google recently created an API that can be used for Wi-Fi navigation, and thanks to these new mobile Wi-Fi hotspots, Wi-Fi tracking will become very easy.

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