The best shielding distance of the jammer is 10-20m

When we mention the fight against terrorism, we should mention that most countries have begun to take these measures and have caused special troubles on the main road witnessed by the president. Therefore, even if a bomb is installed, there is no signal to trigger the bomb, so there is no accidental danger. The good news is that blocking technology is evolving and its functions are getting better and better. Some of the best jammers can block radio signals from a distance of 1 km or more. This achievement is very important because it can resist terrorist attacks more effectively. Due to the transition from military to civilian cell phone jammer and all technological developments, it is good to know that the authorities are doing their best to protect the innocent. Disruptors can help carry out terrorist attacks. This makes the government’s defense measures even more important.

The advent of the 3G network era makes it very easy for people to access the Internet. Users still need to rely on 2G networks to make calls and send text messages. 3G can only guarantee normal Internet access. 2G is still the backbone of voice services and SMS services. The emergence of 4G allows people to watch videos smoothly, but users still use 2G networks when making calls and sending messages, even if the new 3g, 4g, and 5g networks are used People use the Internet to provide a lot of convenience, but the 2G network will still not stop using, because the basic call and short message service depends on the GSM network. As the most basic voice and text message communication network service, GSM network has been adopted by all major mobile phone brands to realize the most basic communication services. Therefore, ringtones and nuisance calls are based on 2G networks, so it is very necessary to buy GSM jammers to solve phone nuisance or prevent loud calls.

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