GSM jammer will interfere with the network in the anti-theft system

With the development of technology, the security risks associated with it will continue to grow. In the era of smart phones, as mobile phone functions become more and more complex, hackers are looking for more ways to compromise the security of mobile phones. Mobile hackers are becoming one of the main problems that plague ordinary users and mobile phone manufacturers. With smartphones and tablets flooding the market, hackers have become a big problem. Now, all business and official work are done through smartphones. As a result, phone hackers are now becoming active, remote fraud and unauthorized use of phone services, causing serious damage to the company. They manipulate data, collect confidential information, make phone calls, and perform other activities that may lead to catastrophic events for the company. Due to the intensification of this threat, many companies have developed and implemented countermeasures against mobile hackers. Some of these methods are discussed below, which help to significantly reduce the company risk faced by these unauthorized persons.

The car anti-theft system based on GSM mainly includes: vehicle terminal (microcontroller, GPs module, GSM module, sensor circuit), GSM network, monitoring center and user mobile phone. TC35 is a new generation wireless communication GSM module launched by Siemens, which can quickly, safely and reliably realize data, voice transmission, short message service and fax in the system scheme. Ignition locks and manual locks installed on cars cannot effectively prevent cars from being stolen, so many modern cars are equipped with electronic anti-theft alarms. In the event of a theft, the alarm horn will sound for a period of time, thereby turning off the car engine. A communication platform with remote monitoring function is designed, which provides a comprehensive solution for vehicle anti-theft and monitoring, and provides a technical foundation for the development of wireless network of vehicle anti-theft system. It is widely used in many vehicles, but vehicle thefts have not been completely eliminated. There are still many professional thefts that use high-tech means to interfere with and attack the car security system. GSM signal jammer will interfere with the GSM network in the anti-theft system.

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