Portable jammers are a good way to protect your business

With the increase in the number of car thefts worldwide, major car manufacturers and drivers are looking for the most advanced car anti-theft system, and GSM network application anti-theft system has also made great progress in recent years, gradually improving, and becoming the most advanced car anti-theft system. Umbrella. In view of the increasing trend of car theft in the world today, car manufacturers are constantly improving security technology, especially with the development of microelectronics technology, auto anti-theft technology, and intelligence. According to its structure and function, car alarms are divided into four types: mechanical, electronic, chip and network. Among them, mechanical locks are the most traditional anti-theft device and are usually not used alone. Electronic anti-theft system is currently the most widely used equipment. And chip digital security equipment and network security system are the development direction of automobile security system. This article is based on the basic principles of the car anti-theft system involved, using the GSM short message protocol data information processing system,

Monitoring all types of calls and sending regular messages to people can provide adequate advice on phone or number abuse. The same software can be installed on the phone, and the software can be used to monitor the frequency, content and number of sending or calling. Any random information that is suddenly added or sent will be captured immediately, if remote fraud is in progress, it can be captured immediately without causing serious harm. If you suspect that you might be hit by percussion, you can buy a portable cell phone jammer. Call log programming is a great way to effectively track how you abuse fees to protect your business. As an Internet protocol, it requires the watchdog to make a sound and send reports and messages back in the event of an attempt to abuse fees. The system tracks the cost of false reports and returns them to the report owner with detailed analysis. By effectively sending reports to prevent remote abuse, it can be used to a large extent as a call tracker. The report sent by the call log programming system can help the company create other effective program modules and correct any errors that may exist in the program or any loose endings. These reports also provide effective call screening, which can significantly reduce call costs.

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