UHF/VHF jammer device to jam the radio signal

These portable radios use designated frequencies to transmit data. They vary from country to country. If you live in Europe, their frequency is about 433 MHz. For the United States and Canada, these frequencies are 462-467 MHz. The so-called FRS/GMRS standard is used for low-distance communication and it is free. Therefore, if you want to use this frequency, you do not need to purchase any licenses.

Using this standard can save battery power, but the range may be between 1 and 5 kilometers, or between 0.6 and 3 miles. The scope is small, but it will cheat. But fortunately Jammer-Shop has a solution!

You can try to use our UHF/VHF cell phone jammer device to interfere with your friend’s radio signal. They will definitely be stuck. The main problem is that this jammer is a desktop computer, but its jamming radius varies between 15 to 30 meters or 50 to 100 feet. Therefore, by installing the jammer in the center of the “battlefield”, you will get a circle with a diameter of 200 feet and no radio signal. I think that would be fine! You may not have to worry about interfering with radio stations in the area, because the radio frequencies they use are actually completely different!

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