High-power jammers selectively block certain phones

In the previous market, mobile phone jammer products were called: mobile phone signal jammers, mobile phone jammers, jammers, mobile phone protection devices. In fact, these are the same products with the same functions, namely: a single electronic device, basically any electronic device All can work on multiple communication frequency bands, including GSM, DCS, CDMA, WIFI, 4G PHS and even 3G. The shielding system in smart phones, smart phone protection systems, alarm systems, mobile phones, in fact, these are basically headings and marketing: there are some so-called OEM manufacturers or manufacturers’ original equipment manufacturers’ advertising practices are as follows, The product type or product name deliberately picked something on the original product representative to make users feel that they are a new idea or that the product has many improvements, such as the so-called “We continue to believe: 4G mobile cell phone jammer is a separate Shielding products cannot be called a protection system, but can be called a centralized control protection system. Multiple shielding products can be used for integration to provide a highly centralized shielding control product forming system.

GAJT protects GPS-based navigation and precise timing receivers from deliberate and accidental interference, so that the satellite signals needed to calculate position and time are always available. This is a commercial (COTS) product, and there are versions suitable for small platforms such as land, sea, fixed equipment and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). Warships, military vehicles and platforms, networks and timing infrastructure can all benefit from the protection provided by GAJT. GAJT can be used with civilian and military receivers (such as SAASM and M-Code), so there is no need to replace the installed GPS receiver. A KAMAZ heavy truck controls three Orlans, one of which acts as a communication relay, and the other truck drops the 4G jammer and one-time high-power jammer to the ground. The entire system is collectively called Leer-3, which can shut down the mobile network, selectively block only certain calls, and broadcast text messages to deceive or discourage people.

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