Mobile jammer can control the duration of the call

Dr. Bathinda SSP’s Nanak Singh said: “We are studying a proposal to provide the city’s traffic police with built-in cameras that can install WiFi.” SSP added that 100 cameras will be purchased initially at a price of approximately Rs 32 in the city. It takes about three to four months for internal release. SSP also said it will buy high-quality cameras. “In addition, we are planning to connect the GPS Jammers to the device so that the driver cannot leave the phone without paying the fee. Generally, it can be observed that the traffic police who prevent violations are trying to call VIPs or people with political influence. And asked the police to talk to them. This can even stop political interference while criminals are being challenged. Victor Murray, director of cyber physics, said: “This is a legal way for us to improve system performance by demonstrating forged or tampered GPS signal transmission. Method, you can analyze the system response.” SWRI’s system group.

When testing the system on an automated vehicle on an automated track, the engineers were able to change the vehicle’s route by 10 meters, effectively pulling it off the road. The vehicle may also be forced to turn earlier or later. Murray said: “Most self-driving cars will not only rely on GPS, because they will use a combination of sensors such as lidar, camera vision, GPS and other tools.” “However, GPS is the basis for positioning in many systems, so For manufacturers, the ability to develop technologies to remedy vulnerabilities is very important. “The new system is part of SWRI’s internal research program. Future research will study the role of GPS deception in drones and aircraft. Last month, researchers at the University of Illinois devised a method to eliminate harmful signal interference by using a system of sensors, encoders and decoders to determine when to send the wrong signal.

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