Officials use cell phone jammers to block reports

The news website pointed out that the new Marine Corps anti-UAV system was the cause of the Iranian drone crash, although the military has not confirmed this report. USNI News pointed out that the Navy had previously announced that the Marine Corps was using jamming systems on the deck of US ships. USNI News described this weapon as one of a series of “non-powered systems” that could cause drones to crash.

President Trump announced the crash for the first time on Thursday afternoon, stating that “the drone was immediately destroyed” after shutting the boxer within 1,000 meters and ignoring the request for resignation.

Shortly after Trump’s testimony, Pentagon spokesman Jonathan Hoffman (Jonathan Hoffman) provided more details, stating that a drone approached the navy ship at 10 a.m. local time when the ship was in international waters and Von Hormuz sails in the “Inbound Road Transit”. “

However, Trump said on Friday that the U.S. spacecraft had shot down the drone, contradicting reports by Pentagon officials that the boxer was using the cell phone jammer function. According to the White House summary report, Trump said in the Oval Office: “There is no doubt.” He added: “We shot it down.”

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