Mobile jammers can be carried and used with you

The maximum blocking radius of the signal jammer is 20 meters. It is actually a large area. The most common red light cameras interfere with one or two frequency bands. The high-power jammer cuts off the highest frequency band of 868MHz. The total output of this device is 15W. The power supply is 50-60 HZ. After fully charged, you can work for a long time. The mobile cell phone jammer, AC adapter and 5 antennas are all part of the device. It can also be used in cars.

Nowadays, with the help of very advanced communication technology, people can see electronic devices everywhere when they go out. These intelligent and humanized products make our life, study and work more convenient. However, where electronic products are not needed or refused to be used, I think electronic products are not timely and troublesome. For example, in a quiet hospital, the phone rang suddenly. Outside of cinemas, in cinemas without any lighting other than the movie itself, some people use mobile phones. At the concert, everyone likes the spectacle of musical instruments. I forgot to turn off the ringtone on a cell phone. This beautiful thing is on the road. There are many similar situations. At this time jammers are necessary. What is a jammer? According to the model of the product itself, it can be divided into large jammers and portable jammers. Large signal barriers are mainly used in places such as churches, hospitals and schools. Mobile phone jammers can be carried and used with you when conditions permit. I think this should reduce many unnecessary troubles in life. It is not expensive and is tolerable to the public.

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