Cell phone jammer to solve phone harassment

The technological world has entered the 4G mobile era, and more and more operators are shutting down GSM and CDMA second-generation (2G) networks. According to IDG News Agency, many GSM network operators around the world have gradually shut down and no longer provide services. The GSM network function affects people’s lives. Earlier, Telstra announced that it would shut down its GSM network before the end of 2016, while AT&T, the largest mobile operator in the United States, has announced that it will shut down its GSM network by January 1, 2017. Singapore’s three major mobile operators M1, Singtel and StarHub are the latest companies to announce the timetable for shutting down GSM. The two companies stated that they will shut down the GSM network on April 1, 2017. The three operators in Singapore indicated that the current number of users using the GSM network is very small. For most mobile phone users, it does not matter whether the operator closes the 2G network. Today, most mobile phone users use 4G or 3G phones.

The advent of the 3G network era makes it very easy for people to access the Internet. Users still need to rely on 2G networks to make calls and send text messages. 3G can only guarantee normal Internet access. 2G is still the backbone of voice services and SMS services. The emergence of 4G allows people to watch videos smoothly, but users still use 2G networks when making calls and sending messages, even if the new 3g, 4g, and 5g networks are used People use the Internet to provide a lot of convenience, and the 2 g network will still not stop using, because the basic call and short message service depends on the GSM network. As the most basic voice and text message communication network service, GSM network has been adopted by all major mobile phone brands to realize the most basic communication services. Therefore, ringtones and nuisance calls are based on 2G networks, so it is very necessary to buy GSM jammers to solve phone harassment or prevent loud calls.cell phone jammer to solve phone harassment

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