Mobile jammer devices have a long life

When Telstra announced the closing time, its executives stated that GSM accounted for less than one percent of the total traffic. For operators, shutting down the GSM network has both technical and economic advantages. The frequency resources released after the network is closed can be used to build a new generation of networks, which means that the same radio frequency resources can transmit more data traffic. In addition, after the GSM network is closed, the operators’ operation and maintenance costs will also be greatly reduced. Nowadays, 4G or 3G phones and networks are very common, and there are many machines and devices that use GSM networks to connect to the Internet, and these mobile cell phone jammer devices have a long service life. GSM network is cheap and has wide coverage, so many “device-to-device” network applications use GSM network, including alarm system, vending machine and transportation vehicle management. According to the experience of AT&T and other companies, upgrading the mobile network from 2G to 3G or 4G is an absolute economic choice. If the M2M application for communication between devices is upgraded to a new network, it can also be significantly improved. For example, in the Internet application of a freight company, if you switch to 3G or 4G, the related chips and applications will be able to support real-time video transmission and other functions.

If the GSM network is interrupted, the biggest impact on users will be the inability to use mobile phones to send text messages and make calls. This is very inconvenient for users. Traditional voice services still have irreplaceable advantages. In terms of the convenience and availability of information transmission, traditional voice services are second to none in all types of communication services. Traditional voice services have greater mobility, and in many cases only apply to voice. The GSM network is not only the basic communication service for people’s mobile phones, but also has recently been used by Russia to track cruise missiles and drones using GSM.

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