Will Wifi jammers punish cyber criminals?

French saboteurs were allowed to enter 2012. Cinemas, cinemas, and schools can use them to combat phone use to avoid interruptions in programs or courses. Assuming that jammers can be inserted into the spectrum of mobile operators, which pays them access fees, the country believes that it is not normal for others to access these frequencies. In addition, jammers are mainly used to perform illegal interference (theft of security cameras or prevent car key theft). Later, after turning off the signal in 2012, it was decided to prohibit the use of jammers in France. This is a lot of things. Prison facilities and public services (such as police, firefighters, health professionals or judges) can only tolerate the use of jammers through special derogations from the state. For all institutions that already have jammers, such as theaters or schools, the use of jammers has continued until the end of 2017. From 2018, jammers will only be available if they are entitled to an exemption, among other exceptions. Unfortunately, the black Internet market is full of interference factors, so it is still possible to obtain one illegally. In France, there are still very few exceptions: the only authorized interference and interference with tape recorders (such as br-mic), because it only applies to tape recorders (the type of tape recorder). It does not change other frequency bands, so it only allows you to compete for unauthorized meeting recordings or other audio sources. Jammers can be used in prisons to manage network security and prevent cybercriminals from connecting to the network. Will wifi jammer participate in punishing cyber criminals?

In today’s Internet era, it is very convenient for us to access the Internet and the latest information. Through the various information on the Internet, we adults have our own discrimination, can filter out good information, and enable us to understand the outside world more effectively. But children are in the growing stage. They do not have the right and wrong awareness. All kinds of harmful information on the Internet will affect their healthy growth. How should we solve these problems? The current environment is so important to children of minors. Installing a cell phone jammer at home can help your child put down the phone and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Recently, I have seen children use the social networking features of their mobile phones on the Internet and meet strangers somewhere, which leads to cheating. On the one hand, due to the popularity of mobile phones and the development of the Internet, the number of such incidents is increasing, so children can easily own their own mobile phones. On the other hand, this is because children’s self-protection consciousness is not enough to distinguish right from wrong. Easily used by criminals to deceive our children and commit criminal activities.

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