Companies can use jammers to disrupt competitors

In the United States, a prison guard said that he needs more tools to fight criminals. According to statistics, from 2018 to 2019, as many as 5,000 illegal criminals were smuggled by mobile phones and drones. However, the detention facility can hardly handle these crimes. It is difficult for you to catch criminals who use mobile phones in prison. Not to mention the flying drones. In order to solve this situation, the pound indicated that it must take strong action to combat this phenomenon. As a result, he finally chose a Drone jammer. This device may interfere with mobile phone and drone signals at the same time.

Officials said that after a series of chemical weapons attacks on civilians in the eastern Ghouta area controlled by the rebels, officials said that the Russians started interfering with small American drones a few weeks ago. The Russian army is worried that the US army will continue its offensive and begin to block the GPS systems of drones operating in the area.

However, wireless links are particularly vulnerable in another situation: deliberate interference. Here, someone deliberately blocked the link’s communication capabilities by targeting the link or series of links with a particularly effective attack. It can be for the purpose of interference, for profit or to gain military advantage during wartime.

Children with small boxes or small toolboxes can make and use jammers to disturb parents, school, and perform similar behaviors. Companies can use jammers to interfere with competitors’ operations, slow down or slow down the company’s network, or prevent important data from reaching its destination. Financial institutions can block communications to provide even a millisecond advantage in completing transactions that can be used for profit. Military interference can cause drones to crash, interfere with tactical communications, and even block or modify GPS signals to confuse the enemy.

The GPS agency of the US government firmly requires commercial airliners to “maintain alternative navigation methods” to prevent terrorist attacks. The agency said: “The government is issuing new GPS signals to be more resistant to interference.” The GPS signals used by police, banks, Coast Guard ships, and anyone equipped with an iPhone are all more vulnerable. If North Korean jamming brigades can truly jam signals within a 250-kilometer radius, they can easily target the nearby city of Seoul.

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