5G mobile phone jammers will quickly occupy the market

Since Huawei proposed to study 5G technology, the door to the 5G information and communications era has been opened. As research progresses, Huawei will launch its first 5G mobile phone in 2019. China has already begun to experiment with the actual use of 5G signals. It is estimated that by 2020, China will achieve 5G signal network coverage.

If 5G is coming, then naturally some people will think of 5G interference. Currently, jammer-shop.com stated that it has begun to develop 5G mobile cell phone jammer devices. Ishida Technology R&D Director, 5g, 5g jammers will come out, we will not let you wait too long.

The FCC announced that it had arrested the driver of a Ford F-150 pickup truck at the airport on August 4, 2012, because the person used a GPS jammer, and that he was accused of the interference complaint filed by the FAA on August 3 The fine was $32,000.

The driver Gary P. Bojczak was caught by an officer of the New York Law Enforcement Bureau, who was patrolling the airport with a directional signal sniffer. The FCC said that Bojczak admitted that he owned and used radio transmission equipment that prevented GPS transmissions. Mr. Bojczak claimed to have installed and used jamming devices in the vehicles provided by the company to block the GPS tracking system installed by his employer. Bojczak voluntarily returned the jammer to the FCC agent.

So far, there has not been much collateral damage involving GPS interference, but there are concerns that using this technology may have unforeseen effects.

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