Mobile jammers are helpful to children’s vision health

Nowadays, children use mobile phones more and more. More and more teenagers are beginning to wear glasses. why? The academic world has the answer. Electronic equipment emits harmful blue light, which may damage our eyes. As a result, the longer the child uses the phone, the faster his or her myopia will be. To this end, the Institute of Child Health has developed a device called a cell phone jammer

The device may emit radio interference, effectively blocking the signal transmission from the mobile phone network. It can effectively prevent children from using mobile phones for a long time. The device is currently very popular among European parents. In the United States, certain trends are beginning to prevail.

Cockshott said: “The worrisome thing is that someone hijacked a truck full of iPhones in Dover, and it may launch the GPS on the entire passage-at night, in fog.” “If this happens. In this case, there will be a real risk of collision, loss of life or grounding.”

Compared with previous efforts to find GPS jammers near Newark Airport, the FCC is lucky in this case. The location, timing and navigation program manager of the Department of Homeland Security John Merrill (John Merrill) said at a GPS conference in March 2012 that from March 2009 to April 2011, the FAA and FCC spent another truck The driver holds the jersey toll road with a manual jammer on the new plane.

“Although there is no need to replace the GPS, it needs to be made more robust. Over the years, manufacturers of signal receiving technology have put too much energy on sensitivity, but not enough flexibility or durability,” Parkinson said.

“I am describing a program that I call PTA, which represents protection, strengthening and enhancement-implementing legal protection and enforcement to prevent people who intentionally block the program from making GPS receivers more resistant to interference. Then explore the technology that can crash in GPS As a backup solution.”

One of these alternative technologies is called eLoran, which is a modern advancement using long-wave radio signals that was first deployed in military operations during World War II. eLoran triangulates low-frequency radio signals emitted by land-based radio beacons, enabling ships and aircraft to determine their position and speed.

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