GPS jammer intercepted the victim’s car lock remotely

Three Tanzanians were arrested for jamming the vehicle into the vehicle from a distance and robbing its owner of valuables. The names of the suspects were provided by the police. They were 29-year-old laboratory technician Ruderick Benedict, 39-year-old businessman Cassian Pascal and 29-year-old Haji Yussifu. The Accra Regional Police Commander and Deputy Police Chief Frederick Adu Anim told the Accra reporter that the Airport Police Command recorded the shopping malls, leisure and society under its jurisdiction in the middle of last year. Many vehicle break-ins occurred in the center.

In order to curb this trend, the region has held a series of stakeholder meetings and launched an education program, using the media to educate the public, corporate organizations and private security companies on the surveillance of such criminal activities. Then monitor the location of such crimes. Mr. Adu Anim said it was around 2pm. On January 13 this year, the airport police received a report of a car breaking into the Flower Palace Shopping Center across the street from Spintex. The police then requested CCTV footage for analysis and further investigation. Based on the collected information and strict observation of CCTV video, the surgical strategy was determined.

At around 11:30 pm last Friday, the two men drove again to the Palace Shopping Center for surgery. He said that one of the suspected criminals was arrested by the police with the assistance of the private security guard of the shopping center, and the vehicle used by the suspect was confiscated. Intelligence-based police found the suspect’s hiding place and quickly launched an operation. As a result, two other suspects were arrested in the US House of Representatives East Legon and Agrin Ganor. They were found carrying their passports and preparing to travel abroad. The method of operation, the police said, the suspect went to shopping centers, parking lots, leisure centers and other public places, where they wandered in the parking lot and remotely intercepted the victim’s car lock with a GPS Jammers.

In this way, they can use the vehicle to steal valuables and money and lock it. Mr. Adu Anim said that the suspects have confirmed to the police that they will travel to Ghana as tourists in April and May 2019. They will leave on January 6 this year, staying at a hotel in Adjiringanor and renting a Toyota Corolla limousine. Participate in activities. Their activities until they lost luck and were arrested. When they were arrested, the police found two electronic jammers from the suspect. The regional police commander advised the public to pay attention to criminals wandering in the parking lot and check their car doors to ensure that they are properly locked before parking. He also urged people not to leave valuables in the car.

Robbers from mobile providers. In another development, three young men were arrested by the police for robbing a mobile money seller in Santor, a suburb of Accra. They are bricklayer Jeremiah Osei, commercial car conductor Bismark Wiafe and unemployed Francis Norvor (aka Mugabe). Mr. Adu Anim said at about 1:30 pm. On January 15, 2020, Osei and Wiafe entered a mobile phone cash store with guns and knives on the pretext of withdrawing mobile phone funds from their mobile phones.

While serving them, they pulled out their guns and ordered the victims to show them the money deposited that day. Then they grabbed their companion’s wallet, which contained keys and some IDs, and locked it. The victim was shocked and many people were attracted nearby. They followed the suspect, arrested Osei and Wiafe, and handed them over to the police. Adu Anim stated that during the investigation, the suspect admitted to robbing the victim at gunpoint and mentioned that Norvor was the person who provided the gun, which led to Norvor’s arrest from his hiding place in Santor.

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