Mini GPS jammers can produce interference bubbles

If CSS is used in protests, the most likely use is to determine who is nearby. In theory, law enforcement agencies could collect everyone’s IMSI at a collection point and then send them to the phone company to identify users to prove that they participated in the protest. There are other ways: law enforcement can ask the phone company to provide a “tower dump,” which lists all participants connected to a particular tower at any given time. However, the disadvantage of this is that it is slower, requires an arrest warrant and has a larger radius, and it is possible to capture the IMSI of many people who did not participate in the protest. Denial of service or signal interference is an additional function of CSS. In fact, the FBI has admitted that CSS will cause signal interference to local personnel. Unfortunately, for the same reason, it is difficult to determine the use of CSS, and it is difficult to tell how often they interrupt service, whether intentionally or unintentionally. Signal towers that look like signal interference may also be overloaded and disconnected signal towers. If many people suddenly gather in one place, it may overload the network, which is not the traffic it is designed for.

In another incident, measurements were taken at Boston Logan Airport in Massachusetts, where the ground approach system recorded temporary anomalies caused by simple electronic jammers and cigarette lighters in vehicles near the airport. With the help of these miniature GPS Jammers that cost less than $50, users can create RF interference bubbles around the vehicle, thereby disrupting the work of tracking the vehicle with GPS signals. The width of the bubble can reach a quarter of a mile. Problems arise when the vehicle passes through airports or other facilities that rely on GPS positioning and time. “The GPS signal is weak and easily interrupted,” Buensel emphasized. “We started monitoring GPS-L1 interference in May 2015. We placed the receiver on the roof of the UK. I think we are lucky to see the interference. Hundreds of incidents were recorded within a month. We were interfered with. Surrounded by “location” is a lot of electrical switchgear. There are many accidental failures, but we have seen some deliberate failures. “

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