Don’t rely too much on GPS jammers

Legally, it is also unlikely that the police will use CSS to intercept content, because state and state wiretapping laws generally prohibit interception of communications without an arrest warrant. If the police want to obtain a wiretap order from the court, they can contact the telephone company directly to monitor the phone. This brings them the advantage of not having to be around people and being able to use the evidence collected in court. One benefit of law enforcement by using GPS Jammers to intercept content during protests is that it can effectively eavesdrop on multiple people without knowing who they are. It would be helpful if the police did not know in advance who led the protest. Such large-scale surveillance without an arrest warrant would be illegal. However, the police are known to use CSS to track suspects without an arrest warrant. So far, there is no evidence that the police used such surveillance during the protest.

MIL and Aviation Review, June 28, 2016. How much do you trust and rely on your personal GPS satellite navigator to know where or how to reach your destination? GPS jammers may occur. If you rely heavily on GPS, you may lose trust, and everyone will find a friend’s house, restaurant or the latest fashion bar. Experts began to study how the Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite navigation network resists the expected or accidental effects of electronic interference. The answer that appears is not very good. RF and microwave experts from Spirent Communications plc in Crawley, UK, have studied electronic interference to GPS signals in the past year and have come up with amazing results. Guy Buensel, a PNT technical expert at the multinational telecommunications test and measurement company Spirent, said: “We searched for GPS failures worldwide and found many interference events-and some deliberate events.” If only the reliability of the car GPS system is questionable, What impact will this have on commercial air traffic control, radar systems, intelligent ammunition management, or fleet management of trucks and cargo ships?

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