Mobile phone jammers cannot interrupt Wi-Fi signals

Most of the time, some of our customers choose the wrong cell phone jammer when ordering. Therefore, if we suspect that a customer has ordered the wrong item, we send them an email to check and confirm how often they want to block. Some customers say they are not familiar with this aspect. Or others even said that they ordered cell phone jammers based on appearance, compactness or other characteristics. To be honest, choosing the right cell phone jammer is not as difficult as you think. Otherwise, we don’t have to be a professional or knowledgeable person in the field to find a quality jammer that can meet our needs.

The police registered four intrusions on the wasteland of Waasmunster, all of which may have occurred on Monday night and night. The thieves were arrested when they broke in at Pelkemstraat around 2 am. This happened when the alarm sounded and the perpetrator fled. The residents themselves are not at home. Thieves can initially enter the external balcony through a separate sliding window. Then they took a shovel from the garden and hit it on the window sash to the bar. From there, they can enter the rest of the house. The exact shortcomings are unclear. It is worth noting that a strange device was found in the garden of the house the next day, and the thief had forgotten them when he flew suddenly.

Further investigation by the jammer soon revealed that this was a so-called “pity”. This is a freely available device that will interfere with mobile signals. Wi-Fi, GPS, 4G and mobile phone data cannot be achieved using such mobile jammer devices. According to the police, thieves use it for various reasons. They make themselves invisible because they cannot detect their GSM signals. However, it can also be used to disrupt alarm systems and surveillance cameras powered by WiFi or 4G. This is the first time such a device has been discovered during a break-in. According to the police, these must be professional thieves using the most modern technology. You can buy it on the Internet for around 400 euros, which is a pity. In this case, the activation of the alarm cannot be prevented.

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