Cell phone jammer blocks calls in public

As riots against police brutality and institutionalized racism swept across the country, many people were exposed to the full power of law enforcement weapons and surveillance for the first time. Whenever the protesters, mobile phones and police are in the same place, the protesters should pay attention to mobile phone surveillance. Usually, security practitioners or other protesters respond to this issue through suggestions provided by local law enforcement agencies using cell location simulators (also known as CSS, IMSI catchers, stingrays, earth boxes, hail, fake base stations, or crosses). However, the suggestion is usually wrong, or it is because you don’t know what the cellular base station simulator is, its function, and the frequency of use.

Before ordering a jammer, you should check its specifications, which usually display a list of frequencies of interference. For example, if a mobile cell phone jammer can block GSM/CDMA 3G frequencies, it means that normal phone calls can be blocked. If the GSM/CDMA 3G 4G frequencies are listed in the specification, this jammer helps block normal phone calls and 4G frequencies, which are mainly used in cellular networks (for mobile web access, IP phones, game services, HD Mobile TV), video conferencing and 3D TV, etc.)

On the contrary, based on the intended purpose, you can determine whether a mobile phone jammer is the right choice. If you only need to block annoying or endless calls in public places, you can simply order a cell phone jammer that can block GSM 3G signals. Or, if you want to block not only phone calls, but also cellular networks and mobile WiFi frequencies to get rid of ignorant bastards sitting at tables in restaurants and other tables, you need to find a mobile phone jammer that can become GSM 3G and immediately block 4G WiFi frequencies.

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