Cell phone jammers are inappropriate to protest

Most importantly, in the United States, there is hardly any concrete evidence that cell phone jammers are being used against demonstrators. The threat posed by cell phone jammers should not prevent activists from expressing disapproval or using their phones. Given that there are over 85 locations across the country, state and federal law enforcement agencies have some type of CSS (some of which are used hundreds of times a year), so if you have a security risk, it’s not a good idea to include cell phone jammer at cell locations in your security plan. Protest appropriately and take some simple steps to protect yourself.

Finally, choose a portable or desktop jammer. Of course, this is not difficult-you can choose a handheld or desktop cell phone jammer, depending on how long you want to put it into operation and the interference range you want to reach. Jammers are used in many different situations. In order to find the best solution to meet your requirements, we provide a series of jammers for every possible application. However, there are too many wireless technologies in use today, and we can help you achieve your goals through the best frequency band combination to meet your needs. All combinations and adjustments are possible. Just send us your request and we will recommend it to you. We can design a system that suits you. Our production is very flexible, and we can accept a large number of orders in a short period of time without any loss of quality. All our products have undergone aging tests after production, and we only provide 100% functional jammers.

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