Cell phone jammer prevents cell phones from surfing the Internet

Interference from the mobile phone will block the signal from the mobile phone. After installation, there is no signal in the phone. Yesterday I read a post saying that a university has installed a mobile cell phone jammer because many students are playing games or using mobile phones to access the Internet. Many people agree with this, while others disagree.

When I read the news, I was surprised. When I didn’t have a mobile phone in middle or high school, the weather changed. If we meet another friend at another school, we need to write a letter or call their dormitory number. Sometimes, if they do not arrive on time, we have to wait a long time. But today we only send text messages or dial his mobile number. This problem is solved very simply.

At the time, Internet usage was not high, so we were very careful in this process. We don’t have much information to check after school. Therefore, our knowledge comes only from manuals or tests. Today, students can search for information on the Internet. You can also download the required information. Although many students don’t want to go to class, they just want to play computer games, go online or use mobile phones to chat with friends over the Internet.

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