Drone jammers can withstand drones several kilometers away

Drone jammer can effectively resist UAVs several kilometers away. Generally, GPS jammers will work with drones, and their pilots will operate on the ratio of the distance between the drone and the jammer. The farther the drone is from the pilot and the closer it is to the jammer, the better the effect. The typical effective interference direction is a cone shape of about 15 to 30 degrees, protruding toward the front of the spray gun (this is also affected by the RF frequency band and interference power). This kind of jamming weapon is also the main direction of weapon research in recent years. It has the effects of high efficiency, less accidental damage and less loss. Currently, the device can disable enemy drones and GPS weapons

The drone gun has the appearance of a rocket launcher; it is a 13-pound shoulder-mounted cannon, but it does not fire shells, but acts as an alarm. The drone has an effective range of 1.25 miles, which prevents communication between the drone and the pilot and makes it almost immediately grounded: the only thing to do is aim and shoot.

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