GPS jammers are facing huge challenges

By interfering with the radio frequency and signal of positioning satellites, the device will interfere with the control functions of commercial drones. Britain is ready for a robot-to-robot battle. The new anti-UAV weapon system developed by Blighter Surveillance Systems, Chess Power and Enterprise Control Systems Co., Ltd. is called “Anti-UAV Defense System”, which is a combination of radar, camera and jamming system, all integrated into the equipment . .

Here is how it works. First, the radar identifies and tracks the flying drone. Then, once the drone enters the camera range, the electro-optical camera will follow the drone, always keeping it focused. Finally, the jamming device attacked it: three antennas sent RF signals to the target drone in an attempt to isolate it from the original controller. Within a few seconds, the stuck drone stopped in the air and then fell to the ground.

Regarding the challenges faced by GPS Jammers, Eng Hosni said: “I have to obtain all the parts from East Asian countries. It is difficult to collect enough information. Information on how to use this type of equipment. I traveled to France, Spain, Italy, South Korea and Malaysia, etc. The country understands how the system works.”

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