Activation of mobile jammer eliminates the threat of drones

The standard Drone Dun system includes RADA RPS-42 multi-task hemisphere radar, Controp MEOS electro-optical (EO)/infrared monitoring kit, communication kit and C-Guard RD and NetSense broadband detection sensors developed by Netline. The activation of directional phone/GNSS and radio frequency cell phone jammer/suppressors eliminates the threat of drones.

But Russia already has the ability to intercept and intercept the video input of such UAVs at this time. The country has a variety of portable and vehicle-mounted electronic warfare systems that may interfere with transmissions and may introduce false information into the network, including “spoofing” GPS signals and possibly hijacking transmissions, parts and vehicles on its route.

Especially in Syria, there are more and more signs that the US military is largely worried about the possibility of GPS jammers or other interference from navigation networks. The theater was the first to report that we published the “U.S. Air Force Intelligence Digest” at least once a week in 2016. The magazine was carefully edited through the Freedom of Information Act and included the entire “article”.

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