The place of secret meeting needs GPS jammer

Car tracking jamming signals are also mobile jammers. High-end mobile phone signal interference is completely modular. Users can add necessary shielding for GPS module and WIFI shielding module, just like shielding WiMAX module. A company that meets national environmental protection requirements through injection molding. The molten iron shell not only solves the problems of light weight and convenient carrying, but also promotes secondary recycling. Due to the dual-fan design, in chip products with built-in amplifiers, jammers can ensure excellent heat dissipation, long life and generate a certain amount of heat during operation, while products with radiators can ensure long-term stability of the product Sex. And to avoid overheating and burning of the chip. The work of forming a heavy-duty cooling fan greatly extends the service life of the product, with an average failure rate of 150,000 hours. 8-channel handheld GPS Jammers Beidou jammer GPS jammer is an anti-signal jammer for handheld GPS jammers, portable jammers used for Beidoulu car positioning and tracking mortgage cars, handheld GPS signal jammers, compass signal jammers .

The outside world and all types of communication devices and mobile phone masks have been disconnected. GSM / CDMA / DCS / WCDMA / LTE / WIFI) and other effective shielding frequency bands and other built-in aluminum alloy radiators, the device has good short-term stability. Using foreign advanced technology and chips, soft-start circuit design, high integration. Overclocking the gps blocking program will only cause downlink interference, not base station interference. Better use of multiple independent armor segments. Smart remote control or manual range 5M-30m effective range (depending on the operator’s network signal status) mask, mechanical switch. The recommended working time is 3-4 hours. The interference fringes can be expanded according to user needs. The main stage of GPS jammers-businesses and other government agencies need a place for secret meetings.

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