WiFi signal jammers help you follow the rules

Many customers buy this product. Enjoy life without disturbing the phone. It usually plays a big role. We promise to abide by the rules. Improve information security. Designed to prevent annoying smartphones. Using it as a wifi jammer can help you follow the rules. It is a device that provides a peaceful environment in places such as movie theaters, concerts, and libraries. You can prevent information from leaking from the room. 100% work can ensure complete security and confidentiality. There is a compact small interference device. It can block cell phone signals very effectively. You can put it in a bag and no one will notice that you are hiding something. Use a noise generator to suppress radio signals. GPS radio wave interceptors can protect conversations and confidential information. Provides security in any situation. You can open it to protect yourself.

Except for a few models, wifi jammers are only suitable for specific frequency ranges. Among these specific frequencies, we know and surround our three main frequencies every day: GSM (mobile), WIFI and FM frequencies. Let us quickly go back to these three main frequencies to better understand the prohibition of interference: GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) band: It uses a frequency range of 900 Hz, more precisely, its sound is 880-915 Hz 925 -960 Hz telephone and network data. These are ideal frequencies for voice communication because resources are only allocated during the conversation. This is due to the switching system that makes it work.

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