Cell phone jammers to prevent drones from tracking your activities

Not long ago, a Polish activist demonstrated the unique capabilities of small flying drones when setting up a helicopter and launching it to follow armed protests in Warsaw. The film was released online and quickly spread. In addition, many questions have been raised about how to use these drones for journalism. Spencer Zifcak (Spencer Zifcak) said that drones will seriously violate people’s privacy. He added: “The drone can track all the actions of a specific person, from morning to morning when they go home and then back home.” “They are skilled and are very likely to follow other people who are not necessarily involved in illegal acts or crimes.”

The Victorian government did not comment on the use of drones because they claimed it was entirely the matter of the police. Do you live in Australia? Or are you a tourist visiting Victoria? From now on, in any case, you should beware of flying drones, which can observe you and all your actions from above. Or, you can use cell phone jammer to prevent Australian police drones from tracking your activities, and they will not be able to monitor every step you take.

Why would someone install a mobile phone jammer? Some urban villages can install basically one or two broadband, while other broadband cannot be accessed. In order to gain profits and improve performance, some distorted ideas will surface. Now 4G and 5G networks are very fast, and only mobile phone traffic can meet the needs of most people. No one wants to install high-speed wifi, and even some people have unlimited mobile phone traffic and do not need to install Up broadband.

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