Mobile phone jammer equipped with modern technology

The police say this technology will make their jobs safer, but civil rights activists worry that the use of drones will seriously damage people’s privacy. The police will not clarify which part is allocated to the drones of the various departments, but it is believed that they will be used for surveillance and car chasing. The Victoria Police Department described this technology as a rapid development in a written advertisement, and said that it can create more efficient and safe police technology that is definitely worth evaluating. U.S. law enforcement agencies began to use drones and unmanned aircraft for their work. The Victorian Police and Aviation Department recently convened a meeting to analyze its possible implementation options.

Victoria Police said on Sunday that they will continue to study the suitability of these drones for future operations, but did not provide a clear timetable for their decision. They said: “Victoria Police will begin to evaluate the market for the rapidly maturing UAS technology for commercial use in the near future.” However, this concept shocked many civil rights activists who claimed that drones would be used for surveillance. No one commits a crime. Spencer Zifcak, chairman of the Victorian Liberal Party, said that his team will also write to the Victoria Police and express any concerns in the letter. “They will quickly be equipped with modern mobile cell phone jammer that will enable them to identify individuals. So, for example, if the police want to conduct a political demonstration, the drone can not only follow the direction of the demonstration, but also start to identify the people participating in the demonstration. “

Mobile phone signal jammers can be installed to destroy mobile phone signals, the purpose is to let everyone install broadband, is it true? Many people are skeptical about this problem, and friends who live in urban villages can observe more problems. I don’t know if you have noticed that there is often a bad signal or no cell phone signal at home, but there is a good cell phone signal outside. Especially if the past signal is very good and can be used normally, but the mobile phone signal is not good or there is no signal recently, a signal jammer may have been installed.

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