Low radiation generated by mobile phone jammers is harmless to humans

Effectively shield all kinds of mobile phone signals, block the communication between the walkie-talkie and the receiver, and graft on various types of invisible wireless earphone intercom systems (including anti-shielding, monitoring earphones) can not work normally, only shield the mobile phone signal, do not Affect the normal operation of other electronic equipment. Will mobile cell phone jammer be radioactive and harmful to the human body? Regarding radiation, as long as the size of electronic devices, there is radiation. Any electrical appliance generates radiation. As we usually use in mobile phones, it is inevitable to rely on the radiation in your ears every day. Every country has established mobile phone radiation standards, and the radiation generated by our mobile phone jammer devices is lower than the national standard, and we don’t want to Depends on ears every day, so there is almost no harm to human body.

In addition to the innovation of the new mobile phone baseband chip technology and the strong support of the operator’s network system, today’s smart phones can also achieve smooth Internet access, watching video, remote voice and other functions. During a 2G network call, the 3G network can access the Internet, and the 4G network can view video. With the continuous improvement of network formats, mobile phone functions have also undergone tremendous changes. Now, with 4G networks spreading across the country, operators and telecom operators have begun to actively allocate 5G, hoping to further expand the network format.

With the advent of 5G, 2G networks (GSM) will gradually disappear. People in the communications industry have expressed different views on this issue. The most important thing is to understand the impact of the withdrawal of 2G networks on future user communications. The biggest role of the 2G network is to undertake a large number of voice services and SMS services for mobile users. Therefore, in the early days, we were able to use feature phones to make calls and send text messages smoothly, and feature phones were supported by the 2G network. According to reports, at that time, the 2G network was able to implement some Internet functions, and there seemed to be no place to connect to the network except for making calls and sending messages.

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