Mobile jammer blocking network applications

in China. It is reported that due to the adoption of Part 3 and Part 4 in Liuyang this year, the number of test takers from one of the ten schools in Jinqiao has reached 1,439, which is higher than other areas. Liuyang has the largest number of test takers. “This year, our school has also adjusted the surveillance accordingly.” Zhang Dexi, the deputy principal of the city’s No. 3 Middle School, told reporters that new CCTV cameras have been installed in the third year of this year, covering all surveillance from the entrance examination to the final arrival.

Compared with previous years, the three students who participated in the college entrance examination have developed complete procedures to enable students to pass the security check. “In the past, the staff would take students out of the classroom door.” Zhang Dexi said: “This year, we are expanding the plan to include the classroom.” He said that the area is part of the classroom and cannot be captured by surveillance cameras. According to Zhang Dexi, imagine that the teacher re-enters the inspection area behind the classroom door, “so that we can see the observation results of the room staff at a glance to ensure the safety of each level. Every student.” It can also be in the room. Install a mobile cell phone jammer to block mobile phone applications.

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