Cell phone jammer prevents class calls

At Chengdu University of Science and Technology, classrooms in the new building are equipped with “mobile cell phone jammer“, which are a good way to prevent students from using mobile phones in the classroom. Is the school really trying to block students’ cell phone signals?

In the second teaching building of the school, the watch was found in an empty classroom. The watch is closer to the blackboard on the seemingly “black” wall of the instrument science and technology. The instrument is also located on the automatic switch, which can be viewed by Internet users. There is gsm jammer. In this empty classroom, the power cord is not connected to the mobile phone signal jammer, and the switch is not turned on. Therefore, the reporter’s mobile phone signal is normal and the network can be used normally. The reporter will also find several floors in the second classroom building, both a school classroom and an empty classroom. The cellular signal remains unchanged, and you can receive information, make calls, and use the Internet.

“This is the structure of the standardized test location.” The person in charge of Chengdu University of Technology said that the mobile phone signal shielding device installed in the new teaching building is a work in progress in accordance with the requirements of the standardized test room. Only the new building is being installed here. All installation work has not yet been completed. He also said that the shield will be opened under the unified requirements of the four or six examinations to be held in December. Did the students know? The reporter interviewed Ms. Cao who was studying in the second classroom. She told reporters that she did not know that it was used as a standardized test venue. “But I think that taking an exam or opening the anti-theft lock is useful to prevent students from cheating. Of course, more or deliberately letting students check carefully to investigate the impact of the anti-theft lock is not great.” Cao said.

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