The cell phone jammer cuts off all signals in range

Subsequently, the joint inspection agency entered the three-person inspection room to inspect the signal mobile phone interference transmitter. “How much signal can this thing block? Can all mobile devices be blocked? Faced with the problem, Zhang Dexi immediately removed the device and turned on the juice. The reporter found that the mobile phone signal had completely disappeared. He tried to make a call, send a text message, and open the website failed. “The device has been distributed through education, and we have not yet figured out which devices can destroy it. “Zhang Dexi said that it will take the exam with the college entrance examination supervisor. The paper will be printed in the test room.

An important issue is the prisoner’s ability to contact witnesses before an upcoming hearing, trial or appeal. By comparing the innocence defense or correcting the conflict in the testimony, the defendant can downgrade or dismiss the charges completely. The most worrying issue facing prisons is undiscovered mobile phones, which are used by prisoners to warn other prisoners of raids, which may confiscate mobile phones, knives, drugs, syringes and other contraband. These smuggled goods may pose a life-threatening situation to correctional personnel and medical personnel working in one of the harshest and insidious work environments.

From the perspective of cultural traditions, many Westerners believe that speaking out loudly or speaking loudly in public is “bad manners.” But in New York, whether in cars, shops, or on the street, there are people with mobile phones everywhere. In cinemas, theaters, churches, conference rooms, and even at funerals, cell phone ringtones can be annoying, and users of the external self even put their cell phones on vibration files, which can cause damage to certain facilities.

Andrew, an architect from San Francisco, got on the train and sat next to a woman in her 20s. Since the woman was holding a mobile phone in the chat room during the trip, Andrew chose to be a “mobile phone guardian”-he put his hand in the button of the mobile cell phone jammer, like a cigarette box-sized shirt pocket. As a result, the strong radio signal from the cell phone jammer was enough to cut off all cell phone signals within a nine-meter radius.

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