Cell phone jammers destroy legal rights

Recently in Canada, many parents on school campuses are talking about “mobile war”: With the popularity of mobile phones, many middle school students have a hand or use mobile phones in class to display electronic reading of text messages, whether private or private. Cotton around the campus: Proprietary or new features make teachers a headache.

If students misbehave, how can they be punished for using mobile phones in the classroom? Most provinces in Canada are designated. Teachers have the right to take compulsory measures. They are “mandatory” to follow the teaching regulations. Some provinces (such as Ontario) will include more “students using classroom phones in the “interference teaching task” category. “Obviously, a high school in Toronto once saw a student in the classroom using a mobile phone to e-book, the phone was confiscated by the teacher, and was eventually rejected in a joint student protest.

But schools also have the problem of guiding students. The campus of the rugged Harbor School in Victoria Island, British Columbia, is flooded with student mobile phones, and the principal Gray bought a “cell phone jammer” on the campus. As long as someone uses a mobile phone in the surveillance area, the device will quickly interfere with the signal of the mobile phone and make the user feel embarrassed by the embarrassing voice of “please give me the phone”. Although the mobile phone usage rate after the device was used on campus dropped by two-thirds, the students quickly launched an attack and threatened the threat, forcing the key to disassemble the device to avoid “interfering with the legitimate rights and interests of students” by the provincial education department.

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