Cell phone jammer prevents the phone from communicating normally

The development of modern mobile technology makes it easier for young students to cheat by reading text messages or pictures on their mobile phones. Teachers often have great resistance to cheating on their mobile phones. But Italian universities have their own ways of dealing with people and using high-tech mobile cell phone jammer tools to reduce fraud. The school installed a device on the wall of the school classroom. The device may be emitting interference signals and the phone cannot communicate normally.

This school is called Enrico Tosi in northern Italy. The school came up with a way to prevent students from cheating on their mobile phones, thanks in large part to military technology. Principal Bonny Tito-Ryan left (Benedetto Di Rienzo) said: “Most schools try to get students to take the test before taking the test on their mobile phone, but some students do not hand in the phone.” Ryan left this week to test this portable interference for the Italian Ministry of Education Performance. The device is like a box, called C-Guard, developed by experts in the Italian military and defense industry. The device can block cell phone signals within a 262-foot radius.

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