Mobile jammers are used to solve one of the three major social problems

1. Question “The phone is dangerous”

A man in Florida hopes to save lives by preventing people from using their mobile phones while driving during their daily commute. Therefore, a cell phone jammer was installed behind his SUV passenger seat. The plan took effect after Humphreys took office for two years.

The terrible reality is that about 1.24 million people are killed every year in the world. That is much higher than the death toll in the war.

2. “Phone troubles” problem

A Chicago man uses a cell phone jammer on a commuter train. When other passengers were talking loudly on the smartphone, he pulled out the jammer, flipped the switch, and all the calls remained silent. He just wanted to take a break.

A comedian recently used a company called skylish app to keep silent about his 13 Chicago comedies. Skylish manufactured a lockable radio protection bag-Faraday cage. After entering the venue, the fans are asked to enter the room, put their smartphones in the Skylishop bag, and then lock them. You are still allowed to have luggage, but those who want to use a mobile phone must leave the no-man’s land and ask someone to open the luggage when someone leaves.

The problem they are trying to solve is that using other people’s smartphones is annoying or distracting.

3. “Phone cheating” problem

Cheating is a big problem worldwide, especially for the college entrance examination.

Vocational training and military.

India’s northernmost states of Chamu and Kashmir are installing 800 cell phone jammers in testing centers across the country to combat fraud.

A new remarkable case shows the problem: Wasim Ahmed, a student at the Nawab Shah College of Engineering in India, was accused of cheating. He puts the smartphone in his underwear, the microphone in his shirt, and the Bluetooth headset in his ears. He whispered the questions for the waiter.

Behaviors like Ahmad happen frequently all over the world, but the details may vary.

Earlier this month, four students cheated in the entrance exam, and a scandal occurred in the Medical School of Reims University, Thailand. Two of them wore glasses with built-in cameras, and three wore smart watches. The glasses took pictures of the exam. During the break, the examinee handed the glasses to the person holding the photo, and then sent the photo to allies in the designated “command center” located elsewhere. The accomplice researched these questions and sent the answers back to the candidate, who can see the text message on the smart watch. The good news is that they were caught.

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