Car GPS jammers to thwart crooks

If you have a national license, Japan allows you to install interference devices in public places such as theaters and concert halls. Unless there is an emergency call, the French Minister of Industry decided to interfere with cinemas, concert halls and theaters. Schools in China and India use car-mounted GPS Jammers to thwart scammers. Mexico allows riots in churches and hospitals. The main customer bank wants to prevent potential Hamburg from contacting employees and plans to use the Mexican government in prison. Pakistan was allowed to block banks and libraries.

The team realized that this GPS jammer has practical potential. In order to translate the theory into working solutions that can be used by various smartphone application developers, Dr. Haverrinen’s research team is selling indoor tracking innovative products at IndoorAtlas Ltd.. established. In addition to start-ups, Indoor Atlas also announced the start-up capital investment of Vigo Accelerator Koppi Catch in Helsinki. This indoor location tracking application can be used to sell groceries, simplify logistics, mobile games, or find roads in large shopping malls, international airport terminals and other large buildings. In addition, it also allows you to track the location inside the device, which is almost impossible for you. IndoorAtlas conducted multiple experiments in a tunnel less than 1,400 meters underground in a zinc-copper mine in central Finland. There, the system can use mineral deposits and many other anomalies that interfere with the Earth’s magnetic field to identify itself.

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