Cell phone jammer keeps peace

DIG stated that the technical team will also visit the central prisons of Kudlow and Coimbatore next week to install jammers. He added: “With the notorious criminals, fundamentalists, LEE and Naxal being placed in the central prisons of Vellore, Coimbatore and Kudalor, the department is taking measures, very Install cell phone jammer in these prisons. Warden G Shanmugha Sundaram said that they tried human jammers on Monday and will continue for the next two days. By Wednesday, they will be fully functional. He said: “This will make our work easier and avoid unnecessary problems in prison. “

When everyone is using a mobile phone, there is mobile phone noise everywhere, which is a problem for us, whether we are in a church, library, conference hall, concert or whatever. Therefore, we need a cell phone jammer to keep our peace.GPS devices are very useful, but also dangerous. After putting the GP tracker in your car, anyone can track your website. Therefore, we need GPS jammers to ensure our safety. As you know, a jammer is a blocking device that can be used to turn off certain types of devices in a specific location. The jammer performs this by cutting off only the signal, so that certain types of devices cannot receive or send the signal. It is easy to use and easy to control. Very useful for us. It may provide us with a convenient way to solve the problem. We love cell phone jammers, we love wifi jammers, we love GPS jammers, we love mobile phone jammers. Disruptors are our good friends.

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