Mobile jammers make the library quiet

Of course, in prisons, cell phone jammers are also essential. Since 2005, authorities have confiscated more than 6,000 mobile phones in 55 prisons in North Carolina, including 443 this year. This number has been increasing steadily until 2012, when the authorities implemented airport-like entry and exit procedures in high-security prisons, such as metal detectors, X-ray scanners and well-trained dogs. Authorities said that after Jensen was kidnapped, a state law was passed that would make it a crime for prisoners to provide cell phones and also act as a deterrent.


A friend of ours told us that he runs the library due to the quiet environment and people like him. But when the teenagers walked in, the situation changed. They had been talking loudly on their mobile phones. Many customers have complained about this. What can he do? He asked me what should I do? In this case, I told him he needed a cell phone jammer. Since friends in the library used the mobile phone jammer, the library has been quiet and no more complaints from customers. I am happy that the interference signal of the mobile phone is a device used to block the signal of the mobile phone in a certain area. After turning on the phone, the phones in the area cannot send or receive any signals from the base station.

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