GPS jammer prevention signal detection device

Using GPS in a car can track the car and improve safety. In addition, GPS can also prevent vehicles from being stolen. The GPS embedded in the car can be controlled through an application on a smartphone. As long as the GPS is still on, the owner can continue to track their vehicle.

When GPS is really not needed, the owner can turn it off temporarily. Well, here are the steps to turn off the car GPS:

1. Through the application
In fact, the GPS installed in the car becomes a unified application connected to the mobile phone. Therefore, activation, control, tracking and even deactivation actions can be performed through the application. Just open the application on your phone and select the menu to turn off the GPS function.

When the car that uses GPS does not have a built-in application, many GPS applications can be used. Friend Kabaroto can add it by himself. For example, there is an application that contains a clipping engine in the form of a button that can be used to turn off GPS.

2. Via SMS
The second method of turning off GPS can also be achieved through short messages or SMS sent to a specific number. Usually, car owners just send messages in a simple format to disable the GPS function in the car.

To find the number and message format, the owner must ask the GPS application provider. Or, if GPS is already installed in the car, you can see it in the user manual.

3. About GPS Jammers

GPS jammer is a signal detection device on the tracking device, and it can also eliminate GPS signals. It works by putting it in the carriage and first waiting for five minutes. After that, the GPS signal sent by the vehicle system was lost. The GPS function in the vehicle will also be automatically turned off or off.

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